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XIOMI Mi 6 coming soon to with it's awsome battery backup and other great features

When you think about any mobile phone to by, you firstly think about it's screen size, battery power and specially RAM then afterwards any user think about it's camera quality and other features.
Every mobile phone co. wants to give max. satisfaction to it's users through putting max. battery as possible, RAM and try to make it large at a reasonable cost. No one can give the all these features at a reasonable cost , but XIOMI soon will be launch its Redmi 6 with a massive battery of 6000mAH, screen size 5.15" and 6 GB RAM.

XIOMI had launched its various mobile phones in INDIA with big battery. Its biggest battery phone till now is Redmi Note 4 of 4100mAH battery. If you are not satisfied wirth 4100 mAh , it will bring for you 9000mAH massive battery. 

Soon it will launch in india.In Taobo there so many sellers who are selling these mobile phones but modified but still it have the massive battery of 9000 mAh. It will be avavilable with snapdragon 835 chipset.

PBS- Maven is not giving you to suggest this device as it is already modified, but you should buy this one if XIOMI will provide warranty for ths as XIOMI always a well known brand for its customer support also.

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