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OnePlus upcoming phone OnePlus 4 revealing soon.....

It's all about OnePlus 4

The most rated smartphone in India is one plus phones.
This year OnePlus's features, shape, size gonna be amaze the users.

It will have 5.5 inches screen of 4k resolution which is highest for any smartphone and it's screen is designed with 3D technology.

It's primary camera has 16 MP and 8 MP of front camera. 64 GB internal and 8 GB RAM. 4k mah battery.

Novelties are there:-

1. Front flash introduce, it have retina flash.
2. It is quick charger and water proof.
3. 3.0 GHz octa-core processor which highest at this time.
4. It has  retina scanner.
5. OS Android V7.0 nougat.

This phone will available in black, blue, gold, and white colour.
Expected price is $450.
Come on freinds have a look on it's Beauty...

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